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People want to go alcohol free for many reasons. Hangovers, financial troubles, relationship woes, and health concerns all come to mind as solid grounds to put a compulsive drinking habit aside. Yet, after successfully going alcohol free, many realize later that a core, deep, and pervasive unhappiness was constantly present when they were drinking. This feeling may have disappeared briefly due to the numbing effects of alcohol at first, but overall their spirits were dampened and depressed. Rediscovering authentic happiness is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that occurs when finally free from the psychological slavery of alcohol.

Studies continue to reveal that excessive use of alcohol negatively affects our body and moods, and compulsive drinking is definitely connected to anxiety and depression. However, the bible was making this connection between alcohol and unhappiness over two thousand years ago! Proverbs 23:29-35 is a great example as it connects anguish and sorrow with those who overindulge in alcohol:

Who has woe? Who has sorrow?
Who has strife? Who has complaining?
Who has wounds without cause?
Who has redness of eyes?
Those who tarry long over wine;
 those who go to try mixed wine.
Do not look at wine when it is red,
when it sparkles in the cup
and goes down smoothly.
 In the end it bites like a serpent
and stings like an adder.
Your eyes will see strange things,
and your heart utter perverse things.
You will be like one who lies down in the midst of the sea,
like one who lies on the top of a mast.
“They struck me,” you will say, “but I was not hurt;
they beat me, but I did not feel it.
When shall I awake?
I must have another drink.”

When alcohol has become a negative influence in someone’s life, that person could easily agree with this scripture. As mentioned above, alcohol is a depressant. But, even further, there is an inherent sense of regret that permeates this habit, since we know God has bigger plans for us that we are not living up to. Unfortunately, this regret can come in many forms. Perhaps because drinking lowers inhibitions, a bad or impulsive decision caused you to do something you would not do under the influence.  This, of course, causes regret. Or perhaps it sapped your energy, so you did NOT do something–something you were looking forward to doing. Many of us dream big while drinking, only to spend the next day nursing a hangover instead of taking the necessary steps towards our goals or dreams. That type of pain, and sense of loss, can be intense. Often a person might drink over that feeling to numb out and, thus, the cycle continues. That is the ever-widening gap between knowing the distance between where we want to be and where we are stuck at the moment. 

Ultimately, when we are stuck in a negative habit loop with alcohol, it can steal from many aspects of our lives: our physical and mental health, our relationships, our career performance, wealth potential, and so much more. More importantly, our self-respect and spiritual connection can erode as we struggle with trying to control alcohol, affecting our relationship with God. This is not because God is absent from the relationship; it is because WE are absent from Him. It is in this way drinking is a keystone habit because it affects all areas of our lives. This is why it is great that you have already begun reflecting on your desire to stop drinking and consider the alcohol-free lifestyle. Through this awareness, you can tap into the truth that reveals the many ways continued drinking will negatively affect so many areas of your life. However, the reverse is also true. Living alcohol-free can vastly improve every one of these areas! The extreme opposite can happen – miracles of abundance are possible in every area of your life when you move forward and commit to experiencing 12 weeks of alcohol freedom. 

If you are having difficulties staying on course towards alcohol freedom, check out the Choose Alcohol-Free Program at https://theplanshehasforme.com/individual/.   This program, in combination with using the daily devotional, will help you stay the course by delivering the 12 most important biblically based concepts for alcohol freedom.


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