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The Plans He Has For Me

The Book

Freedom Starts Here

“The gripping nature of the subject matter and the author’s ability to connect and relate to the reader through experiences and through scripture is something faith-based readers will absolutely love to read about, and will make for a truly helpful non-fiction read.”

Pacific Book Review 5 Star Rating

“You never know what God might use to help you to heal or to move forward on your life’s journey. The Plans He Has For Me has become a remarkable and valued companion for me. I’d almost call it a miracle!”

Blogger Finchwren

“An upbeat and interactive faith-based approach to confronting alcohol addiction”


The Science Behind Habit Formation

Why Do I Continue To Drink Despite My Desire Not To?

There is a physical component to alcohol abuse that must be conquered first* (usually between 14 to 30 days).  After that, the spiritual and psychological battle must be addressed.   This devotional offers 84 consecutive days of biblical wisdom, instruction, reflection, and documentation that allows for a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit with scientifically proven principles that will allow you to develop a new narrative about your alcohol use.  This narrative will allow for new neurological pathways to be developed, which just  so happens to align perfectly with Romans 12:2 (NIV)

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

“The mindful minutes were what I found most affecting. On each day, Forte provides insight into the verse of the day, something to consider either for a minute or on and off throughout the day. Most are short – only two or three paragraphs – but that shortness does not mean they can be breezed through. Far from it; these minutes should be lingered over when possible and considered. You may find surprising wisdom after letting them steep for a time in your mind.”

Portland Book Review 5 Star Rating

Free yourself of the psychological slavery of your alcohol habit

Recognize that God’s biblical wisdom through His Word was meant to protect you. He wasn’t giving you a bunch of rules.  He loves you so much that he wanted to help you avoid the schemes of the enemy in causing you pain.

Understand God’s promises in Jeramiah 29:11 for a hope and a future. God has a wonderful plan for your life when you remove alcohol.   Experience the benefits every step of the way and look forward to something better.

Use the time that you have freed up because you are no longer drinking, recovering from drinking or thinking about how to stop drinking and replace that time by using your God-given gifts to experience the joy that was intended by your Creator.

Experience the power of the Holy Spirit as you walk with him for 84 consecutive days.

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The Author

Rose Ann found physical, spiritual, and psychological transformation in a secular coaching program that she used to change her relationship with alcohol over a period of 90 days. She started working for the program as an Enrollment and Client Journey Coach after her own transformation. As a result, she met many other Christians, like herself, that were looking for a solution to the problem other than the current faith-based 12 step methodologies that existed at the time. She started writing daily scripture and prayers for the Christian participants in a notebook and would take a photo of it and send to them each morning. These scriptures aligned perfectly with the methodologies used in the program. The participants liked it so much that they encouraged her to continue. She was led by the Holy Spirit to create a devotional that could help people, like herself, get free of the psychological slavery of their alcohol habit. The name for the devotional was born out of the promises made to her in Jeramiah 29:11. God had a plan for her and delivered on it after she was set free from her alcohol habit.

12 week

Daily Devotional


Are you ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

Rose Ann Forte was, and she knew she needed an approach that was more meaningful.
And she wanted a fresh start that kept her motivated!

Live Your Best Life

Unleash The Full Power Of The Holy Spirit

Amazon Reviews of Devotional


This guide has been a God send. Rose Ann has let God use her and her story in such a compassionate way. I encourage you to get it, work it and trust God for the results. It is encouraging and uplifting and God will use this in alignment with the Holy Spirit. Take another person on this journey with you.

Mary P

I have achieved heights and goals I didn’t think possible. The scripture choices and words of encouragement and admonition are speaking directly to my heart! I feel so hopeful and free and close to the Lord than I have in a long time!

Mary B

God was clearly with me on this journey which made the process uplifting and motivating rather than difficult. Rose Ann has a divine gift of understanding and communicating that makes this devotional unique and powerful. I am forever grateful that the Lord directed me to this tool. My life has changed dramatically as a result.

Cyrel G

I purchased this book for my husband and It has helped him. It has helped him in his journey to sobriety.

Alexander G

I started my journey without the book and once I had it, I’m not sure how I started without it. The devotions hit to the core. I’m making healthy changes all along with a gratitude mindset. I truely recommend

*Warning:  If you have previously experienced delirium tremens (DT’s) which is uncontrollable shaking, confusion, or hallucinations during alcohol withdrawal, you should consult with your physician before beginning this or any other alcohol-free programs.  If this is your first experience with an alcohol-free program and you experience DT’s upon starting alcohol withdrawal, you should consult with a physician before continuing with the program.  Alcohol withdrawal may be dangerous or even life-threatening in certain situations.  This program is not intended to replace medical intervention.