Choose Freedom™

A Faith-Based Program For Inspiring Hope And Renewing Minds Of People Who Struggle With Substance Abuse
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We Empower You With Tools To Transform Lives

This program provides facilitators with all the tools necessary to deliver 12 of the most important CORE CONCEPTS necessary for freedom from the spiritual battles and strongholds that addictive substances create. It’s a faith-based model that allows you to deliver the accountability and support needed to provide a transformative experience through the process. We make it easy to deliver and empower you to be the facilitator that moves people towards God and away from a toxic substance.

“My thoughts affect my feelings.  My feelings affect my actions.  There is freedom in accepting God’s forgiveness.  I don’t have to punish myself and disconnect with alcohol”


“It has never felt so good to be clean.  I know that it is this program because God is with me”


“I have learned to recognize the LIES that I tell myself when I’m faced with temptation.  Recognize the lie, replace it with the truth and focus my attention elsewhere and it passes. ”


Did You Realize That Two-Thirds Of Adults Have Been Impacted By Addiction, Either Personally Or Within Their Family?*

You might not think this is as big of an issue as it is, but studies show that substance abuse is on the rise, especially since Covid.   The Choose Freedom™ Program gives organizations and mental health providers a step by step, week by week program that allows them to love people through the process of renewing their mind and their bodies with biblically based and scientifically supported methodologies to transforming their lives.

*KFF Tracking Poll July 2023 (Substance Abuse Crisis and Accessing Treatment)

Licensing Includes:

Four hours of training to equip the organization, counselor, or coach with the important aspects of delivering a successful program.

A Facilitator’s Guide with everything needed to create the accountability for participants in the program, whether in a group or in an individual session.

Access to a members-only section with helpful resources and recommended communications to community members and/or clients as they complete each CORE CONCEPT

Weekly calls with other organizational facilitators, counselors and coaches delivering the content. This provides for a mastermind, of sorts, in helping various facilitators with unique challenges encountered during the program

Communication of critical news, statistics, scientific research and discoveries in the area of substance abuse.

How Do I Know If This Is Right For My Organization?

This program is for organizations and mental health professionals who understand the magnitude of the mental health problems associated with substance abuse today.   Too many people are silently suffering with their secrets because they are afraid of the stigma that currently exists with other faith-based 12 step programs.  The Choose Freedom™ Program is for people who understand the need for a different set of rules and languaging around substance misuse and want to provide a gentle, compassionate and loving approach to understanding that God’s instruction manual, the Bible, was written because of his never-ending love for us.  The Choose Freedom™ Program results in participants who feel empowered to choose how to live their life moving forward with a desire to be more connected with the Holy Spirit, using their God-given talents for the Kingdom.  It provides a methodology to develop and influence the next generation as they witness the transformation in their parent’s lives from being a slave to the alcohol to being a slave for Christ.

How God’s Word Intersects

How It Works

The Choose Freedom™ Program allows faith-based organizations, coaches, and counselors to bring tools to their participants and clients that complement their existing organization’s expertise and delivery systems.    It allows for easy access to the expertise needed relative to substance abuse so that participants can experience the full power of the Holy Spirit within.

Hear from Our Clients

The program is grounding me and I easily put alcohol to the side after committing to the program and following the guidelines….My life has changed to a more centered way of living, and from there I make healthy choices…

I am calmer, clear, have energy and most importantly, have found a connection with God that awakened inside of me and has given me purpose in this journey to live the life that I am meant to live.

Amy M

This process brings the power of faith to the table. I can honestly say that I am a changed person because of it!

Char M

I have tried almost everything in order to get sober and stay sober with little or no success. This inspirational program has kept me sober, enhanced my relationship with God, and has filled my soul with the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this program I am free of the chains of alcohol that kept me tied down for so many years.

John B