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Frequently Asked

Do I have an alcohol problem?

This is probably the most common question answered online when someone is struggling with an alcohol problem. The fact is that alcohol and other substances start as a small problem and then as time goes on, develop into a much bigger problem. What used to be a typical ½ bottle of wine grows into a full bottle of wine and then over the years might accumulate to much more than that. The answer to that question has probably already been answered by virtue of you finding this site. When alcohol seems to have more of a grip on you than you have on it, then the answer is a resounding “yes”.  You have a problem.  The real question should be “When am I going to take action to deal with it?”.  Unfortunately, people wait until they have lost so much that they don’t have any other choice. If alcohol is affecting your mental wellbeing, relationships, and productivity, then it may be time for you to take the challenge and see what’s possible without it.

Where do I start?

The first place to start is to develop some awareness around your drinking habit.  How much are you drinking?  How much is it costing you?   Where are you productivity-wise at home or at work?   What is happening to my relationships because of alcohol?   Who could I become without it?   When you have taken the time to honestly answer these questions, then you are ready to set a date and begin your journey.  It’s important to understand the toxic effects of this substance so that you can look at what’s possible without it.

How will I deal with difficult people in my life who still drink?

This is a very typical question.  This part can be challenging without the right mindset when taking the challenge.  The key to success is understanding that this process is about YOU and not someone else.   Taking the time to solve your problem with this substance will help you see things clearly that you were not able to deal with prior.   You will be able to see a problem with new eyes, one where the results of the abuse of the substance is not controlling your words and one where you will have the clarity to see the problem for what it is and deal with it in a calmer fashion.   Take the challenge and stay the course to see what’s possible in YOUR life and allow the Holy Spirit to work within to show your light to others.

What can I expect if I follow this program?

The program is designed so that you can develop new neural pathways (forming new habits) that are intended to renew your mind as God intended in Romans 12:2. You will spend 84 consecutive days with God following the devotional to understand the wisdom He provided to us in His Word.  After the 84 days you will have developed a deeper connection with God because of your commitment to follow Him through His Word, daily prayer and reflection on the changes you have experienced through the process. You will come to understand that God’s instruction manual is the perfect one for your life and you will come to a place in understanding that it is now your choice on how to move forward, given the truths you have documented in your journey.

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Christian Alcohol-Free Program

The Book

Award winning daily devotional to help you put alcohol to the side for 12 consecutive weeks with the scientific principles behind alcohol using God’s foundational principles to renew your mind

The Program

This program is a self-guided Alcohol Free Coaching program that delivers the 12 most important CORE CONCEPTS for winning the war in your mind, even if you’ve tried and failed hundreds of times in the past.

The Podcast

Say Goodbye and Imagine Podcast. Stories, lessons and learnings to inspire you

Hear from Our Clients

The program is grounding me and I easily put alcohol to the side after committing to the program and following the guidelines….My life has changed to a more centered way of living, and from there I make healthy choices…

I am calmer, clear, have energy and most importantly, have found a connection with God that awakened inside of me and has given me purpose in this journey to live the life that I am meant to live.

Amy M

This process brings the power of faith to the table. I can honestly say that I am a changed person because of it!

Char M

I have tried almost everything in order to get sober and stay sober with little or no success. This inspirational program has kept me sober, enhanced my relationship with God, and has filled my soul with the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this program I am free of the chains of alcohol that kept me tied down for so many years.

John B