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Amy Edwards

Joy On The Other Side of Coaching


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Phone: 309-261-2298
Email: [email protected]

Bloomington, IL 61704
United States
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I'm Amy Edwards, a TNMI Certified Coach, Mental Health Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Licensed Choose Freedom Coach, and a Certified Marriage 2.0 Coach.

I specialize in helping high-achieving Christian women who are trapped in the exhausting cycle of shame and blame due to their relationship with alcohol. On the outside, it might seem like you have it all together, but internally, you struggle between a deep desire to live fully in God's purpose and feeling ensnared by habits that no longer serve you.

I understand the painful cycle of detox to retox all too well. Like many, I spent too many weekends drinking and then crying out to God on Sunday mornings, asking Him to take away the pain and the dependency. With a foundation built on both faith and science, I guide women through understanding why we turn to alcohol and how to break free for good.

Together, we will explore the truths about alcohol, understand its impacts, and take decisive steps toward true freedom. I'm here to help you discover a life of abundance and blessings—a life rich with joy and free from the shackles of alcohol.
Let me support you in crafting a new chapter where you thrive in your faith, relationships, and personal growth, not just survive. Connect with me to start your transformative journey to freedom and fulfillment.

Amy lives in Bloomington, IL, with her husband Matt. They have two grow children. They share a passion for marriages, podcasting,
and living alcohol free!

Christian Alcohol-Free Program

The Book

Award winning daily devotional to help you put alcohol to the side for 12 consecutive weeks with the scientific principles behind alcohol using God’s foundational principles to renew your mind

The Program

This program is a self-guided Alcohol Free Coaching program that delivers the 12 most important CORE CONCEPTS for winning the war in your mind, even if you’ve tried and failed hundreds of times in the past.

The Podcast

Say Goodbye and Imagine Podcast. Stories, lessons and learnings to inspire you

Hear from Our Clients

The program is grounding me and I easily put alcohol to the side after committing to the program and following the guidelines….My life has changed to a more centered way of living, and from there I make healthy choices…

I am calmer, clear, have energy and most importantly, have found a connection with God that awakened inside of me and has given me purpose in this journey to live the life that I am meant to live.

Amy M

This process brings the power of faith to the table. I can honestly say that I am a changed person because of it!

Char M

I have tried almost everything in order to get sober and stay sober with little or no success. This inspirational program has kept me sober, enhanced my relationship with God, and has filled my soul with the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this program I am free of the chains of alcohol that kept me tied down for so many years.

John B