The Plans He Has For Me


Say GoodBye to Alcohol Coaching Program

The Alcohol Free Coaching Program that wins the war in your mind about alcohol, even if you’ve tried and failed hundreds of times in the past.

  • Develop a confident approach about dealing with social situations involving alcohol
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Gain productivity
  • Remove the psychological slavery associated with this habit and free up your mind to the possibilities that await you
  • Develop authentic and meaningful connections with those you love


Tracy Z

Minnesota USA

"Rose Ann has been so powerful and has such great insight. She has helped me so much.”

David R

Texas USA

“I can't recommend Rose Ann enough for being a patient, thoughtful, and supportive coach……
She is very in tune with people, and I felt like she was reading me like a book during our weekly calls.”

Rita H

Stavanger Norway

"Rose Ann’s coaching helped me understand what I was really craving in my life and that made it easy to choose an alcohol free lifestyle and pursue my dreams."

Ian M

Perth Australia

"What I liked most about Rose Ann’s Coaching was her approachability and non-judgmental nature. I loved working with her."

Christian-Based Alcohol Free Coaching

I used it as something social and fun to do with friends. I used it in business settings of all sorts. I used it on vacations. I used it to create what I thought were romantic evenings. I used it to manage stress and I used it to check out of a life and a marriage that I could no longer navigate successfully. I used it all of the ways that “this world” tells you you should use it for.

It made me feel disconnected and distant from God

There was so much shame involved with my alcohol habit. I knew I was being disobedient to God’s instruction, yet I didn’t know how to fix it. I would pray to God to make it go away and that just didn’t work….and therefore, even more shame ensued.

Christian-based alcohol coaching

I knew I needed to drink less

Why was this so difficult? I would make deals with myself about only drinking when others were around or only drinking on the weekends. What if only went out a couple of times a week? How about drinking only on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day and weddings?

I started hiding the amount of alcohol I was consuming

I would have some cocktails before I went out and try to limit the cocktails when I was out only to come home and drink a little more. It started to feel dishonest, and it started to affect me emotionally. After all, I was a leader in the church. Why couldn’t I manage this? I used to be able to put my mind to anything and accomplish this. Why was this so hard? Was I an “alcoholic”? Was I the only one struggling with these thoughts and self-doubt?

I noticed that over time, my tolerance continued to increase

It became frightening to realize that decades ago, one shot of alcohol would get me tipsy and now I found myself refilling my glass again and again with not much effect other than feeling terrible!

Hiding Alcohol
Sleepy young businessman, isolated on white background. Close up studio shot of tired man.

I started noticing it affecting my health

  • My sleep was horrendous. I would wake up at 3 am and not be able to get back to sleep.
  • I was overweight because of the excess alcohol consumption, and I overate, and lost self-control related to food when I drank.
  • I would go to the doctor’s office and worry about my blood tests coming back with bad news about my liver or my kidneys.
  • My blood pressure started rising to a level where I needed to consider medication and my resting heart rate was climbing.
  • My motivation to work out had completely disappeared.

What was happening to me and how could I stop it

The Things That I Tried:

  • I was forced to go to 3 AA meetings after I got a DUI, and I decided that as much as I knew I had a problem to solve, I felt like I “didn’t belong there”. I already loved God and I didn’t want to call myself a name each time I went.
  • I would keep up with my checkups at the doctor because I was sure that if I continued my path of excessive drinking that it would lead to horrible consequences. I needed to watch the health indicators and would pray each time, hoping for the best. My blood pressure kept rising. My resting heart rate continued to climb as did my weight. My sleep was impaired, and my energy was low.
  • I bought books and I read articles understanding the consequences of drinking to excess; however, none of that changed my drinking habits.
  • I gave up drinking for Lent and/or Dry January only to continue to drink right after the brief break.
  • I tried endless negotiations and boundaries with myself to control it (only on weekends, only after 5, only with friends…..) and failed.
woman with tea and drugs

What will happen if I don’t resolve this problem

  • I know alcohol is progressive, so at what point does this end
  • I will surely need to go on blood pressure meds
  • Eventually my doctor will figure out with liver enzymes or even worse, kidney problems
  • I’m getting more depressed, and the self loathing increases.

Imagine a life where every day IS NOT a negotiation with yourself about how much and when you will consume alcohol

  • You’re sleeping better
  • Your blood pressure and resting heart rate are down
  • You don’t think about drinking every day
  • Your productivity at home and at work are UP
  • Your relationships with family, friends and loved ones are more connected and authentic
  • You have more self confidence
  • You can dream about a different future using your God-given gifts and talents
  • You feel more connected to God and trust that He has shown you a better path and purpose for your life
The Plans He Has For Me

I found the key to the never-ending battle of my relationship with alcohol

I developed an awareness of the reasons I was reaching for it and recognized the enormous lies I was telling myself about how I needed it. My relationship with alcohol completely changed!

I now get up every morning looking forward to the day ahead and what I get to accomplish

I am so much more productive and effective because I don’t have to occupy my brain with the mental gymnastics of navigating how to control my drinking.

I am able to love myself again and realize that I was created with gifts and a purpose

I am now fearless in forging ahead to see what’s possible when I use gifts I was created with. I found my identity in my Lord and Savior, and I have a true listening for His voice. I don’t live in shame anymore for what I did when I was under the influence. I am proud of my choices now.

I am so much healthier

I sleep better. I lost weight. I lowered my blood pressure and resting heart rate. I fit exercise into my day, and I don’t worry any longer about the doctors telling me that I have an issue with my liver or kidneys. I now choose healthier things because I feel healthier.

My relationship with God is more connected than it has been in my whole life

When I learned how to deal with the shame and processed how to forgive myself and others, I could clear the way for living confidently in Him every day regardless of the turmoil going on in my life, community, state, country, and world.

My heart’s desire is for all to experience the same transformational benefits that I did. To give you the best chance of success in doing that, I want to introduce to you:

Say GoodBye to Alcohol Coaching Program

You Will Gain Access To

  • Encouragement and accountability via live coaching calls during the week
  • Increased clarity with bonus content on each call:
    • Mindset Mondays
    • The Word on Wednesdays
    • Future Focus Fridays
  • Daily inspiration delivered to your inbox each day
  • Weekly curriculum that deepens your understanding of key concepts in the devotional
  • Empowerment provided through community

This Program Includes

  • 1 THREE weekly LIVE coaching calls
    • Bonus content at the beginning of each session
    • Direct access to coaches with ability to participate and ask questions
    • Beginning content recorded and stored for your viewing as needed
  • 2 One complimentary one on one coaching call
  • 3 Access to an exclusive VIP Facebook group
    • Coach monitored group that will accumulate questions to be answered in LIVE coaching calls
    • Weekly inspiration posted to the group
    • Challenge questions each week to consider to re-enforce key concepts
    • Access to like-minded individuals who believe in investing in their success who will provide a place to turn for answers, inspiration and feedback so you can always keep moving forward
  • 4 Electronic delivery of the devotional to have access to God’s Word daily wherever they are
  • 5 A loving and compassionate environment where you will be free to grow and flourish without judgment under the care of coaches

Are You Wanting Access To

  • Coach monitored VIP Facebook
  • 3 Weekly Coach led calls
  • Daily electronic delivery of your devotional
  • A loving, safe, and compassionate environment to create awareness and experience transformation
  • A place to get your questions answered

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What Is This Habit Truly Costing You

  • What are you actually spending on alcohol? Include vacations, restaurants, bars and the snack attack trips to the store that you make when drinking.
  • How many years have you been attempting to deal with this problem and how many more are you willing to put up with?
  • What is the value of a healthier body worth to you?
  • What is a more productive life worth to you?
  • Is there a price you can put on having more connection with loved ones, friends, and co-workers?

Questions You May Have

A: Cohorts start on the first Monday of each calendar month.


Are you ready to

  • Change your relationship with alcohol
  • Improve your health metrics
  • Have more confidence in your choices moving forward
  • Be more connected with the Holy Spirit

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